Sign Code

The City of Blue Springs actively enforces the sign code in order to reduce unnecessary sign clutter in the City of Blue Springs

Sign Permits
All signs require a sign permit, before they can be displayed. Please contact the Community Development Department or submit a sign permit application before displaying a sign. *All businesses that display signs in the city must have a business license with the City of Blue Springs.  

Permanent or New Face Signs
All new permanent signs, or new faces for signs with existing cabinets require a sign permit (PDF).
Temporary Signs

All banner or portable signs require a temporary sign permit (PDF).

Master / Alternative Sign Plan
Shopping centers or businesses may choose to develop a Master / Alternative Sign Plan. The plan establishes criteria to govern the construction of a specific area’s signs. These plans are approved by the Planning Commission. View the Master / Alternative Sign Plan Application (PDF).

Sign Code Enforcement
Check before putting out a sign, to make sure it is not an illegal sign. The City of Blue Springs confiscates signs located in the public right-of-way or on utility poles.

If the illegal sign is not removed after the violation notice, a ticket will be issued.  See a full list of the prohibited signs (PDF) for the City of Blue Springs.

Contact or submit applications to Nathan Jurey.

City's Sign Code
To view the City's Sign Code, click here.