Infield Renovations

In 2013, the Parks and Recreation Department identified a need for field improvements at the Young Park softball fields. Upon completion of the 2013 softball season, Park crews immediately began the project to renovate infields as well as other improvements to the area. Improvements included in this project are:
  • Infield irrigation installed on all 3 infields: This will help control the dust and provide a high quality playing surface on the fields
  • Installation of ag-lime infield material on all 3 fields: This will drastically reduce the number of rainout cancellations during league play.
  • Re-sizing infields: After many years of infield lip build-up and removal, the infields had extended as much as 10 feet further into the outfield than necessary. This will put the infields back to the proper size for adult softball play.
  • Fencing improvements: Crews closed gaps in the fencing behind 1st and 3rd base to stop balls from going out of play during games. Crews also removed the outfield fence on Rook Field and will reinstall it at the appropriate 300' distance for a regulation adult softball field.
Other Improvements
Other improvements include Tuck pointing and caulking around the restroom building, landscape improvements, and a new color scheme for the adult softball area.

These projects mark the first time in many years that any major improvements have been made to the Young Park ball fields. It is our hope that by making these improvements, along with changes to the league formats, we can continue to grow adult softball opportunities for the Blue Springs community.