50+ Day Trips

50+ Day Trips & Travel 

VESPER HALL TRIPS - Enjoy arts, entertainment, food, history and make new friends while exploring Kansas City and its surrounding areas most popular and hidden attractions.  All tours depart from Vesper Hall, 400 NW Vesper. 
Prairie Band Casino
 Wednesday, January 25th 
 8:00am - 4:00pm
 $35 per person
New Dinner Theater - Condo-Mondium
Wednesday, February 15th 
11am - 4pm
$60 per person
American Jazz Museum 
Breakfast at the Cracker Barrel
 Tuesday, March 9th 
8am - 3pm
$35 per person
New Dinner Theater - Million Dollar Quartet
Wednesday, April 26th 
11am - 4pm
$60 per person
 To register, please call 816-228-0181