Shelter Rentals

Rental Information
Several of the city's picnic shelters and facilities are available for reservation. Choose a date, time, and facility, then call the administrative office at 816-228-0137 or come to the Fieldhouse, 425 NE Mock, to make a reservation. Payment is due when reservation is made. The following policies apply to reservations:
  • Shelters and facilities may be reserved up to 1 year in advance of the desired date.
  • Shelter reservation fees are due at the time of reservation. (We cannot hold reservations without payment.)  Phone reservations may be paid with a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit or debit card.
  • A permit will be issued and must be with you during the use of the shelter or facility, as proof of your reservation.
  • Requests for refunds or transfers must be made prior to reservation date and time.  All Facility Reservation Contract paperwork must be returned to the Parks and Recreation Counter prior to the contract reservation date and time and no later than the last Parks and Recreation business day of operation by 5 p.m. before refund or transfer can be processed.  Requests for refunds are subject to a $7 administrative processing charge, and transfers are subject to a $5 transfer fee.
  • Some events require a Park or Shelter Special Use Permit in addition to a shelter reservation. See special use permits to see if your event meets the criteria.
  • Park restrooms are generally closed around the 1st week of November through the last week of March. These dates are subject to change depending on weather conditions.
  • Trash is emptied and shelters are cleaned on a regular basis by Parks Department personnel.  However, due to frequent use and exposure to the elements, we recommend that you check your site prior to your reservation for shelter condition.  Please think of others, leave the shelter and tables clean for the next user.  Shelter reservations guarantee use of the shelter only - no other conditions implied.
  • Recreation equipment is available for rental from the Parks and Recreation Department. View more information.
  • All park ordinances (PDF) apply.
Available Shelters
Park Name Shelter Resident Cost
(per 5 hours)
Non-Resident Cost
(per 5 hours)
Size Number of Picnic Tables Seating Capacity Handicap Accessible
Baumgardner Park  Shelter #1 $40 $80 40'x50' 16 128 X
Blue Springs Park Shelter #1 $20 $40 30'x45' 12 96 X
Blue Springs Park Shelter #2 $20 $40 20'x28' 6 48 X
Hidden Valley Park Shelter #1 $40 $80



192 X
Keystone Park Shelter #1 $20 $40 50' Diameter 6 48
Old Mill Park Shelter #1 $20 $40 30'x45' 8 64 X
Old Mill Park Shelter #2 $20 $40 22'x24' 6

Pink Hill Park Shelter #1 $20 $40 22'x24' 6 48 X
Pink Hill Park Shelter #2 $20 $40 22'x40' 10 80 X
Pink Hill Park Shelter #3 $20 $40 22'x40' 10 80 X
Pink Hill Park Shelter #4 $20 $40 22'x24' 6 48 X
Pink Hill Park Shelter #5 $20 $40 22'x24' 6 48 X
Rotary Park Gazebo $20 $40 22'
0 n/a
Rotary Park Shelter #1 $20 $40 36'x24' 8 64 X
Rotary Park Shelter #2 $20 $40 28'x16' 4 32
Ward Park Shelter #1 $20 $40 20'x28' 6 48 X
Ward Park Shelter #2 $20 $40 16'x20' 4 32 X
Wilbur Young Park Shelter #1 $40 $80 30'x64' 15 120 X