Community Garden

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Garden Plot Rentals

The Community Garden is located the corner of Walnut and 10th Streets, in Central Park. It contains 39 10'x10' garden plots and four 4'x12' raised beds are available to rent for $50 throughout the season, March through the end of October. Water is available on site. Reservations for each new season open to new gardeners in early February.

All produce in the Community Garden is the property of the garden plot renter. Garden produce is not available to the public.

Map of Community Garden Plots (PDF)

Community Garden Rules

Master Gardeners

The Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City work with the City to make our gardens grow and flourish. They have demo garden beds and will be hosting workshops for the community gardeners to attend. They work in the garden daily and will do their best to answer your questions.

Master Gardener Hotline

  • 816-833-TREE (8733)

Helpful Links

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