Public Safety Building Renovation and Expansion Project

In April of 2011, voters approved the Public Safety Sales Tax Initiative. With the implementation of 2 phases of the Public Safety Sales Tax Initiative now complete, the focus is now on the final phase, the expansion and renovation of the Howard L. Brown Public Safety Building.

As you can imagine, this project has a lot of moving pieces and involves vacating the Public Safety Building during construction. This allows us to reduce the overall cost of the project and speed up the construction process.
Public Safety Building Renovation and Expansion Project
Many city functions have been moved to accommodate the expansion and renovation project. See a PowerPoint Presentation of the Public Safety Building Expansion and Remodel project.

Temporary Relocation
Police Services
  • The Community and Youth Outreach Unit has moved to the Paul Consiglio Education Center
    1504 NW Jefferson St.
    Blue Springs, MO 64015
  • Police Department staff will be located at City Hall and the GE Building, 321 AA Highway
  • To locate specific police services, residents are asked to call the non-emergency dispatch phone number 816-228-0151
  • If you are experiencing an emergency, dial 911
Municipal Court, Court Clerk, Records Unit, City Council, Planning Commission, & Public Meetings
  • All Municipal Court functions, Records Unit and all City Council, Planning Commission, and other public meetings have moved to the Municipal Annex, 1304 W Main Street; the first City Council meeting at the Municipal Annex will be on April 7 and the first Planning Commission meeting will be April 14
  • Due this relocation, City Council and Planning Commissions will not be live broadcast, but an audio recording of the meetings will be available on the city’s website
KCATA #170-Blue Springs Express
  • The 11th and Smith stop of the #170-Blue Springs Express will no longer be available. KCATA commuters are asked to use alternative stops including White Oak Plaza, the North Ridge Park and Ride, and the Woods Chapel Road Park and Ride locations.
  • For more information, visit KCATA's website
Blue Springs Farmers Market
  • Beginning May 1, the Blue Springs Farmers Market will be located in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church of Blue Springs, 1405 W. Main Street during construction of the City’s Municipal Parking Lot.
  • View a map of the 2014 Blue Springs Farmer's Market
Project Highlights
Removal of the Downtown Water Tower
The design team tried to incorporate the existing water tower into the building expansion project, but ultimately the space requirements and project goals made it clear that the water tower could not be incorporated.

The downtown water tower is not necessary for fire suppression or water supply. The expansion and renovation project began in late March with the removal of the water tower and moving the cellular technology to a new tower located in Central Park.

Additional Parking Capacity
An important part of the renovation and expansion project is the addition of two public parking lots for Public Safety Building visitors. The Municipal Parking Lot, located east of the Public Safety Building, will have over 90 spaces and will incorporate design elements to serve as an attractive and highly functioning addition to the downtown corridor.

The second public lot will be located in Central Park and support parking for both the Public Safety Building, the Chicago and Alton Train Depot, the Community Garden and Central Park.

Renovation & Expansion

The approximately $22 million renovation and expansion project is expected to be completed fall 2015. Once complete, the Howard L. Brown Public Safety Building will have nearly 72,000 square feet and will feature a more customer service-oriented design to better serve residents and officers.

This project was made possible by the voter-approved Public Safety Sales Tax.