Homeowner Associations

Homeowners Association Information
Blue Springs is a community of neighborhoods. Working with our residents and Homeowner’s Associations, we are committed to providing quality customer-service and neighborhood programs that:
  • Meet the needs of our communities
  • Promote community involvement
  • Strengthen the relationships between neighborhoods and city staff
About the Homeowner's Association
A Homeowner's Association (HOA) represents the residents in a neighborhood and is operated through an open, democratic process to improve or maintain the overall quality of life for everyone within those boundaries.

Each HOA in the Blue Springs is an independent, autonomous organization that defines its own purpose, determines its goals and strategies, and develops its own neighborhood plans.

HOA Registration
HOAs are required to register with the State of Missouri. To register or update your information with the state, view the Missouri Secretary of State website. You can also contact the state via email or by calling 573-751-4153.

Online Contact Database
The city maintains an online contact database as a courtesy for homeowners associations (HOAs) in Blue Springs. The information provided will be made available to city departments for official business activities, such as notifications for zoning requests, development activity, and community improvement projects. The contact database is also used by potential homebuyers, realtors, management companies, title companies, insurance companies, and residents in need of HOA contact information.