Sidewalk Repair and ADA Transition Plan

The City of Blue Springs has drafted a sidewalk repair and transition plan to address infrastructure repairs and meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.  

Prompted by resident and City leaders’ desire to improve mobility and accessibility for all, the City contracted with TranSystems to complete an evaluation of the City’s 168 miles of sidewalks, 3,190 curb ramps and 1,276 street crosswalks for general infrastructure condition and ADA conformity.

The three month audit revealed that 83 percent of the City’s sidewalks will need minor modifications to meet ADA compliance. Minor repairs and slight improvements will also need to be made to City sidewalks, curb ramps, crosswalks, traffic signals, railroad crossings and stairs as related to sidewalk maintenance and right-of-ways.

The cost to repair all of the defects and ADA compliance issues identified in the audit totals more than $15 million dollars. To begin addressing the audit’s findings, the City has allocated funding and established a dedicated concrete crew with a first year goal of repairing 60,000-square-feet of sidewalks.  This goal will address 2% of the scope of repair indicated in the Sidewalk Repair and ADA Compliance Audit. 

Sidewalk improvements have been prioritized on a scale of worst to best areas and included prior grievances from residents and other applicable issues such as accessibility and proximity to City services, schools and hospitals.

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