Planting Guide

Planting native or naturalized trees and grass allows a balanced habitat to be maintained for wildlife, adds aesthetic value to neighborhoods and could decrease the amount of time spent on yard maintenance. This native vegetation, plants and trees also act as filters for pollutants that can be found in our City's runoff water.

When choosing which kind of native or naturalized tree to plant, it is best to keep  in mind where your property intersects with public rights-of-way and above ground power lines. Kansas City Power & Light has created an in-depth guide on trees to plant and those to avoid.   

Below is a brief list trees and grass that are optimal for our climate. For a more extensive list, please visit

Native and Naturalized Plants


Shantung Maple (pictured above) is adaptable to drought conditions and is suitable for a small area.

bluestem plant.jpg

Little Bluestem (pictured above) has moderate drought tolerance and grows well in a variety of soil types.

Recommended Trees Recommended Plants/Grass
Lacebark Elm Blue Grama
Eastern Redcedar Cedar Sedge
River Birch Smooth Sumac
Dogwood Golden Currant