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At the Fieldhouse we offer personal training and small group training (2-5 people) for members and non-Fieldhouse members. Our trainers prioritize your health and wellness and are here to help you in your fitness journey. Whether it's getting a more in depth understanding of the equipment or getting new exercises to switch up your current routine our trainers can work with all ages and experience levels. At the Fieldhouse we have seven nationally certified personal trainers that are ready to work with you. Get more information at our Fitness Desk or set up a one-on-one meeting with one of our trainers! No outside coaching or personal training by non-Fieldhouse staff is allowed in the facility. 

Fieldhouse Personal Trainers

Anne BrammerAnne Brammer

Anne has been a trainer for more than a decade and been with the Fieldhouse since it opened. Anne chose a career in the fitness field after a need to get back in shape after having kids. She specializes in weight loss, life-long health and wellness, and motivation. She believes fitness is more about health and wellness, getting your numbers in check: blood pressure, cholesterol, sugars, and waistline. Looking great is the result of being healthy mind, body and spirit.

Emily Emily GireGire

Emily has been in the health industry for five years and is currently obtaining her doctorate in Occupational Therapy. She chose to work in the fitness field due to her passion for overall wellness and her drive to help others reach their goals. Emily specializes in strength and endurance training, mobility and overall health and wellness. She believes that exercise is an essential part of one’s day to achieve optimal mental and physical health.

Jamal Mabry

Jamal Mabry

Jamal has been a trainer for more than five years and has more than a decade of experience in the health and wellness field. He specializes in training locomotive systems, improving endurance and durability, injury prevention, and building athletes for life. He believes in constant improvement, challenging barriers, having a progressive mindset, life-long learning and hands on experience. Jamal has experience training and playing football at every level. Jamal is lead trainer for sports performance training. 

99E63FD4Mary Alice MacDonald

Mary has been a trainer for more than three years and has been training herself and focusing on her own journey through two pregnancies. She specializes in general fitness and well-being, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and weightlifting. She believes the beginning is the hardest part, after that, it becomes a way of life and a necessity for your body and mind.

Tabatha Martin

Tabatha Martin

Tabatha specializes in strength training, mobility, weight loss and senior fitness. She believes that being fit looks different on everyone; everyone has different fitness needs and capabilities. She believes finding a healthy balance of eating habits and moving every day is achievable for everyone. She chose a career in the fitness field to help others achieve the rewards of exercise and to live a healthy lifestyle.

Jamie MasonJamie Mason

Jamie has been in the fitness and wellness field for more than 20 years. She chose to get involved in fitness to better manage mental health, specifically anxiety, depression, and stress. Jamie specializes in the mental benefits from physical activities including yoga, meditation, and low-impact strength and aerobic classes. She specializes in wellness coaching and believes physical wellbeing encompasses the mind, body and spirit connection.

Jenn TackettJen Tackett

Jen began working as a group exercise instructor and has been doing group exercise and personal training for more than a decade. She specializes in working with older adults, cancer survivors, and people new to fitness. Jen believes fitness should be fun and a part of everyday life. Creating healthy habits helps individuals stay committed and motivated.

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