Pink Hill Park Recycling Center

The center accepts common recyclables such as:
  • aluminum
  • cardboard materials
  • glass
  • paper
  • plastic
  • tin cans
More Information
Recycling Resources
Curbside recycling services are not available in Blue Springs. However, the city does participate in several regional programs aimed at the reduction and proper disposal of waste of all types. These programs or organizations include:  View more information on Blue Springs Recycling and Solid Waste Disposal.
Recycling at Work
Give your business a competitive edge and reduce your bottom line by implementing waste reduction practices at work. Learn how to implement your own "green" program at work and for helpful tips and resources view Waste Reduction at Work (PDF).

Glass Recycling
Glass food and beverage container recycling is available at Price Chopper North (1305 NW 7 Hwy., Blue Springs) in the large purple recycling bin.  Go to ripple glass for additional recycling locations and information.  

Containers should be rinsed but labels do not need to be removed.  Glass does not need to be sorted by color.  Plate glass and dishes such as pyrex glass cannot be accepted.  Price Chopper sells in-home glass collection recycling bins for $4.99.  This makes it easier for you to collect and transport glass containers to your preferred glass recycling collection location.

Sustainable Solid Waste Management
Are you already a responsible recycler?  Help the Kansas City region reach our goal to divert 80% of waste disposed in landfills by 2023 goal by participating in other sustainable activities, including composting, buying recycled products, reusing products and reducing or preventing waste. Learn how to go beyond recycling at your home.  

Find for more information about sustainable solid waste management systems and its rewards by viewing Recycling and Beyond (PDF).