Sign Code Update 

The City of Blue Springs is updating our Sign Code and we need your input! The Sign Code regulates the size, location, and design of signage throughout the City.

Please take a survey to help us understand your preferences when it comes to signs.

Survey for Blue Springs Citizens (Intended for the people who reside and/or work in Blue Springs)

Survey for Blue Springs Businesses (Intended for the businesses, non-residential property owners, churches, organizations, etc. of Blue Springs)

 If you would like additional information about the Sign Code Update or to provide any feedback to staff, please stop by the Planning Department at 903 W Main Street, Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM. Otherwise, contact Nathan Jurey at 816.220.4538 or


The purpose of a Sign Code is to encourage signage that effectively communicates a message yet reflects the visual preferences of a community. Additionally, a Sign Code must comply with all building & safety regulations and all legal issues, such as the right to Free Speech. Blue Springs needs improvement to our Sign Code in each of these areas.

Much has changed in the nearly 20 years since a large portion of the Blue Springs Sign Code was adopted. The sign industry made advances in technology; businesses and citizens advocated for Sign Code changes; and courts changed how cities can legally regulate signage. For example, the 2015 Supreme Court decision of Reed vs. Town of Gilbert prohibited regulating signage based on its content. Parts of the Blue Springs Sign Code is in violation of this Supreme Court ruling.

Here is a link to our existing Sign Code.


The Mayor and City Council created the Sign Code Task Force on February 19, 2019 with the approval of Resolution No. 08-2019. The purpose of the Task Force is to provide direction to City staff’s efforts to update and improve the Sign Code. The Task Force meets approximately once a month. The agenda for each meeting is placed on the City of Blue Springs Agenda Center.


1.      ASSESSMENT | February-June 2019 (COMPLETED)

  1. Task Force & Staff assessed the issues with the existing Sign Code.

2.      COMMUNITY INPUT | July-September 2019 (CURRENT)

  1. Task Force & Staff created surveys to better understand the community’s preferences.
  2. These surveys are currently available for public input (see links above).

3.      DRAFTS & REVISIONS | October-November 2019 (ANTICIPATED)

  1. Task Force will provide direction to Staff, as Staff drafts an update to the Sign Code that reflects community preferences and addresses the existing Sign Code issues.

4.      ADOPTION | December-January 2019 (ANTICIPATED)

  1. The Sign Code Updates will be presented at several formal hearings open to the public.
  2. City Council will need to adopt the proposed Sign Code Update.