Fitness Programs for the Summer - June 2022

Fitness Programs for the Summer

We have two exciting fitness programs coming up this summer. First, our Yoga in the Park series is back at Rotary Park every third Saturday through September at 7:30 am. This is free for anyone age 11 and older. Second, we are launching a youth speed and agility clinic series starting in late June. Having a sports performance offering for the youth has been something we at the Fieldhouse have wanted to start since opening the building. Clinics begin June 28 for ages 8-11, and June 30 for ages 12-15. Call 816-228-0137 or stop by the Fieldhouse for more information.

Summer also means warmer temperatures and being outside more. It’s important to be aware and maintain hydration levels. It’s recommended that men drink about 100 fluid ounces per day, and women drink about 75 fluid ounces per day. However, when we are outdoors and sweating more, we need to replace all those fluids lost. That means our daily consumption should increase by 2-3 times depending on the amount of fluid loss.