Fitness Programs for the Summer - June 2023

Summer is here! There are three exciting events happening in June at the Fieldhouse. First, Teacher Appreciation Day is Monday, June 12. All local teachers are invited to utilize the facility and its amenities free for the day! Come try a group exercise class or use the fitness center. This is the Fieldhouse’s way of saying “Thank You” to our local teachers. A valid school-issued ID and government-issued ID is required at check-in.

Secondly, there are two, one-day events scheduled on Saturday June 24 and Sunday June 25. Saturday’s event is our first “Summer Solstice Retreat.” Channel the transformative qualities of the Summer Solstice with practices to stoke your inner fire and celebrate the sun! This event takes place in the Aerobics Room and is from 1-4 p.m. Drinks, snacks and relaxation-infused towels are provided.

Sunday’s event is The Eras Spin Ride from 2-3 p.m. in the Spin Room. The one spin ride you don’t want to miss! Get ready for the greatest tour of all time by joining Sarah Wells on a fearless ride of hills, intervals and climbs. The hit playlist you’ll know all too well. Are you ready for it? Both the Summer Solstice Retreat and The Eras Spin Ride require registration. Check the Fitness Programs page on our website or talk with the Fieldhouse front desk!

Summer means warmer temperatures and being outside more for sport play and leisure activities. It’s important to be aware and maintain hydration levels. There are a wide variety of catchy sport drinks on the market; however, the value and importance of drinking water can’t be overlooked! When outdoors and sweating more, we need to replace all those fluids lost. That means our daily consumption of water should increase by 2-3x depending on the amount of fluid lost.

The Fieldhouse, with its many programs and offerings, is a great place to be. To find out more information call the Fieldhouse front desk, 816-228-0137, or check the Fieldhouse website.