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Blue Springs Parks and Recreation Passport Challenge 

 Get to know your city and its parks during a scavenger hunt. Visit every park to find our mascot “Billy” holding a specific code. Once found, follow the steps to check off each park on your list. All checklists and materials are needed back no later than Friday, December 8th. If all parks checked off with the correct code they will receive a prize. 

Look for Billy the Blue Jay at each Playground! 

Did you know Blue Springs has 15 parks and 11 of those parks have playgrounds. Get outside and explore these parks. Once you find Billy and all of hid friends with a special code, turn in your passport for a prize. Reminder: Billy may have more than one friend at each park! 

Passports can be picked up and returned at the Fieldhouse front desk. This program is free and runs from September 22 to December 8! 

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