“The reward of volunteering is giving service to others.” - Bill Landrum, Volunteer

“Coming to Vesper Hall gives me another outlet for fellowshipping and a greater sense of self worth.” - Virginia Kirchoff, Volunteer

The Work We Do
The work of volunteers is critical to the success of Vesper Hall. Each year, over 200 volunteers contribute their time and talents in a variety of ways. Just imagine the deep impact you can have on an individual by accepting just one of the many volunteer positions available.
We want your volunteer service to be rewarding and enriching. Our staff is committed to maintaining an environment where you can demonstrate your best. That’s why we’ve created a volunteer handbook that will orient you and serve as a reference guide.

In addition to supporting our volunteers, we enjoy taking the opportunity to recognize each individual for their service. We know that there are many opportunities within our community where you can contribute your time. Your service to Vesper Hall is greatly appreciated and recognized at our annual volunteer banquet. Through out the year, volunteers are further supported through in-service training and development.

Current Volunteer Needs
  • Grant writer
  • Bingo caller
  • Arthritis exercise instructor
  • Bicycle club host
  • Home Delivered Meal assessors
  • Fundraisers
How to Become a Volunteer
  • Complete a volunteer application and return it to Vesper Hall
  • Staff will contact you to schedule a time to explore your interest and availability
  • Attend a volunteer orientation
  • Attend training opportunities required for the position as well as annual volunteer in-service training
  • Log volunteer hours
  • Complete a volunteer evaluation form on the program and volunteer experience
For additional information email us