Animal Control

The Animal Control Unit is responsible for the enforcement of all city ordinances related to the ownership and care of domestic animals. The unit has an authorized force of 4 full-time officers and operates 5 days a week.

Animal Control Officers also make community presentations upon request.


Thanks to the Public Safety Sales Tax Initiative the Blue Springs Temporary Animal Holding Facility has been opened!

Located at 1228 NW Knox Street, this will be a transitory holding area for lost pets until they can be returned to their owners.

Animal Control Fees

Animal Control Fees are not collected at the time your pet is released to you. Ticket(s) may be issued to you for violation of city ordinance(s).  You may appear in Municipal Court to discuss your case with the Judge or pay your fees at the Howard L. Brown Public Safety Building located at 1100 SW Smith Street.  Your ticket(s) and animal control fees may be paid at the Municipal Court window or online
In the event you did not receive a ticket; however you have animal control fees to pay, you will receive an invoice along with a cover letter requesting you pay the fees at City Hall, located at 903 W Main, in the Tax Department.

 Fees are as follows:   

  • $25 for 1st offense (Redemption Fee)
  • $50 for 2nd and subsequent offenses (Redemption Fee)
  • $29 per day kennel fees for Lee's Summit Animal Shelter
  • $20 per day kennel fees for Grain Valley Animal Hospital and others
  • $10 per day kennel fees for Blue Springs Animal Control Facility
  • $120 for dog, cat, or other animal body disposal