K-9 Unit

Overview of the Unit
The Blue Springs Police Department introduced its first K-9 Unit in September of 2006. A grant from the Federal Government covered cost of training for the dog and handler.

The K-9 unit participates in building searches and in many cases, K-9s are able to go into places that are dangerous for the officer. Using their keen sense of smell, eyesight, and hearing, dogs are more effective in these roles than a human. The K-9s have undergone rigorous training. As a result, both are able to locate suspects who run from the scene of a crime.
k9 bandit
K-9s Within the Unit
Royal, a Belgian Malinois pup, is the newest member of the BSPD.  Royal joins the K-9 Unit from Holland, by way of Texas, and received specialized K-9 training before partnering with his handler, Officer Amanda Bates, for active duty.

Bandit was the BSPD K-9 for three years prior to his retirement in 2015. His handler was Officer Jason Floyd.