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No Better Place to Call Home

Blue Springs was founded by pioneers in 1827 along the cooling spring waters of the Little Blue River. In the last 2 decades the city has grown to 58,603 residents holding the distinction of being the 10th largest city in Missouri. It offers all the excitement of metropolitan-style shopping and nightlife, with world-class sporting events, international conventions, all within 25 minutes drive, but when the day is through, the people of Blue Springs agree, there's no other place they'd rather call home.
Blue Springs Amenities
Located on Interstate 70, less than a half hour from downtown Kansas City, there is a newly energized, fast-growing place that knows the meaning of community. Blue Springs enjoys the benefits of:
Downtown Muralre
All of these are all included in the many reasons families choose to live in Blue Springs! These amenities provide the foundation of a quality lifestyle for its 58,603 residents.