Initiative Financial Details

Summary of Recommendation
The 1/2 cent dedicated Public Safety Sales Tax approved in April 2011 is estimated to raise $3 million dollars annually. The following information is how the annual funding is to be spent:
How the Money Will Be Spent
New Digital Radio System/Renovated Facilities (Annual Debt Service Payment)
Additional Personnel, Operating, and Equipment (On-Going Costs)
8% Reserve – Contingency (Debt Service and Operating)
Total Estimated Revenue Available for Proposed Expenditures

Bond Issuance
The City Council will issue a bond to make the proposed capital improvements. A bond is debt issued against future funds generated by the Sales Tax. With a dedicated sales tax, the total bonding capacity for projects over 20 years is $18,390,000.

The proposal includes an 8% reserve fund pay our commitments should revenue conditions fluctuate. The initiative contains 3 separate components. A breakdown of these components is listed by equipment, personnel, and facilities.

P25 Digital Radio System / Communications
Dispatch Center (Equipment Only)
Total Proposed Equipment Expenditures

Additional Equipment Amounts
Radio System Maintenance Fee
Patrol Cars
Digital In-Car Cameras
Annual Proposed Equipment Maintenance Expenditures

System Inclusions
This new digital communications system will:
  • Replace the 20-year-old radio system to comply with the unfunded 2013 FCC mandate
  • Provide officers with a system that allows them to communicate directly with area emergency responders
  • Make radio coverage comprehensive citywide
7 New Patrol Officers
2 Street Crime Officers and 1 Assistant/Deputy Chief
4 Detention Staff
1 Animal Control Officer
1 Radio Specialist and 1 Evidence Property Custodian
Annual Operating Costs for Additional Personnel

This new personnel will:
  • Effect response times to emergency and non-emergency calls
  • Provide more on-duty officers in neighborhoods and retail locations around the clock
  • Provide more hours to animal control and evidence and property
Public Safety Building Renovation and Expansion
Capital Project Contingency
Total Proposed Facility Expenditure
Annual Increase in Building Operating Expense

Renovation Inclusions
This facility renovation and expansion will add space for detention, dispatch, evidence retention, and a temporary animal control holding area.