Public Safety Citizen’s Advisory Board

The City of Blue Springs takes great pride in the quality of public safety services provided to residents and businesses.

In May of 2009, the Mayor and City Council re-established the Public Safety Citizen’s Advisory Board based on feedback from citizens. This board was charged with providing both short- and long-term recommendations regarding public safety in Blue Springs. In September 2010, the City Council asked the board to provide an assessment and recommendations for law enforcement needs in Blue Springs.

Board Analysis
The board’s analysis showed the following:
  • Outdated primary / emergency radio communications system that is not compliant with the unfunded 2013 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Narrowbanding Mandate that requires compliance by January 1, 2013
  • Current radio system is over 20 years old, replacement parts are hard to locate and officers cannot directly communicate with other emergency responders
  • Increase in calls requiring multiple officers
  • Increased number of times when all officers are committed and unavailable to respond to calls
  • Current staffing is below the regional average for full time officers per thousand residents
  • An outdated and space deficient facility for current and future public safety requirements.
Board Recommendation
In November 2010, the board recommended a dedicated Public Safety Sales Tax to address the needs found in their assessment. The board reviewed the city’s existing sales tax rate, best practices of other metro cities and capital, and operating needs before giving this recommendation.

In April 2011, voters approved the Dedicated Public Safety Sales Tax. This dedicated Public Safety Sales Tax provides equipment, personnel, and facilities.