Backflow Device

Do you have a sprinkler system? Did you know that if you don’t have a backflow device on your irrigation system, you could be at risk for
backflow water contamination?

The Public Works Department as required by Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) regulation 10 CSR 60-11 regarding backflow
prevention, will be verifying that all residential accounts with sprinkler systems and all commercial accounts have a backflow device installed and are
current on their inspections.

This verification is a critical element for protecting the integrity of our distribution system and guarding against contamination of your drinking

What is backflow?
Our water distribution system serves many different uses, from drinking water to fire protection to irrigation. A cross connection is a connection
between the distribution system and a source of contamination, such as the chemicals used for an irrigation system.

When such a cross connection exists and the water system experiences a loss of pressure due to a water main break or a large firefighting effort, backflow can occur. Backflow allows contaminants to enter the distribution system, mix with the drinking water supply, and may jeopardize your drinking water.

How can we prevent backflow?
If you have a sprinkler or frost-free yard hydrant, you must have a backflow device . As required by MDNR and Blue Springs City Code (Cross
Connection Control) Section 710.090 all backflow devices must be inspected annually and the City must have a copy of the inspection on file.
If you have not been contacted by the Public Works Department regarding this please call 816-228-0195.