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Councilman's Corner with
Lyle Shaver,
District 1 Councilman 
Councilman Lyle Shaver District 1
In response to many requests and results of our 2007 Citizen's Survey, the Mayor and Council appointed a Committee to develop a code that better defines obligations and responsibilities for the maintenance of private property.  The purpose of the Code was to help maintain and increase community property values that would make Blue Springs a better place to live.
The Code development steps were:
  1. Reviewed Maintenance codes of other cities in the metro area (Why reinvent the wheel)
  2. Lee's Summit's code was selected as the model best meeting our needs
  3. Studied and modified the model code to remove any need for a code administrator to enter a building, simplified and clarified requirements as much as practical.
  4. Resulting Draft proposal was reviewed by the City Council and recommendations incorporated
  5. Two public review meetings where held in May to get input. The majority of the response was very positive with a couple suggestions that were incorporated.
  6. The final draft proposal was again presented to the City Council where the consensus approved the proposal, but put on hold while some form of assistance program could be developed to help people financially unable to make needed repairs.
  7. To meet this need, the Committee proposed aid in the form of grants based on need patterned after the Lee's Summit Minor Home Repair Program. It was decided at the June 16th City Council meeting to allocate $75,000 to fund a pilot program and review in twelve months.

It is anticipated that the proposed Property Maintenance Code will be presented to the City Council for approval this summer with a goal of becoming effective October 1, 2008.
In summary, the proposed Code covers safety and maintenance of residential and commercial building exteriors and property grounds with the objective of preventing the degrading of neighboring property values. The need has increased as our City property gets older.  It will give our City Codes Department another tool to help make our City a better place to live. Planned administration will be reactive, not proactive, similar to our mowing code enforcement today.
A copy of the proposed code is available on the City web site by selecting Community Development under departments.
Lyle Shaver,             Councilman, District 1
Contact Councilman Lyle Shaver:   
Phone: (816) 517-6822

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City of Blue SpringsNews Happenings
Around Town

A monthly message from your 
Blue Springs Mayor and
City Council
 Mayor Carson Ross
Welcome back, and thank you for joining me once again for another edition of News Happenings Around Town, your one-stop monthly source for City information and news updates, including those items most important to you.
In this week's issue, I am pleased to introduce District 1 Councilman Lyle Shaver who will share the latest activity on the City's property maintenance code proposal currently being considered by the City Council. Together with Councilman Kent Edmondson of District 2, Councilman Shaver has worked over the past few months alongside City staff, to structure a proposal that is not only beneficial for citizens but also a safer, cleaner Blue Springs.

Don't forget to continue sharing issues of News Happenings with family members, friends and colleagues, spreading the word about what's good and going on in the City of Blue Springs.
"Be a Good Neighbor" during the 2008 Fireworks Season
Exercise Fireworks Safety in 2008! As the Independence Day holiday quickly approaches, I want to emphasize how important it is for citizens to be mindful of themselves and of others when involved with detonating or discharging fireworks. If handled improperly, fireworks can pose a serious threat to the health and safety of individuals, pets and animals and even our environment. To remind everyone to be safe, legal and smart this holiday, Blue Springs will launch the "Be a Good Neighbor" fireworks education campaign on Tuesday, June 24. As a part of the campaign, the City will make a number of communication pieces available to citizens, two of which include a letter from myself announcing the campaign and a series of web pages on the City's website dedicated strictly to fireworks education and downloadable information. We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable Independence holiday, remembering to be mindful of everyone and everything in the community around us.
Bond Campaign Committee Sets Goals for Success
In the last News Happenings newsletter, I shared plans regarding the organization of a volunteer-based group of citizens representing each Council district, whose mission is to help promote and educate residents about the two bond issues to be presented on the August 5 special election ballot. The group met for the first time on Wednesday, June 18, at which time the 11 members were strategically organized into three priority focus areas for the bond campaign: Marketing, Mobilization and Funding. Following presentations from myself and city staff regarding the two bond issues, members volunteered to serve under the following focus areas:

Jonna Merritt (District 2), Chair
Cindy Hood (District 1)
Joyce Beach (District 3)
Ted Lewman (Mayoral Appointee)

Maureen Johnson (Mayoral Appointee), Chair
Cindy Hood (District 1)
Sherri Slump (District 3)
Kyle Jones (Chamber of Commerce)
Tom Evans (Mayoral Appointee), Chair
Mike Marlow (District 1)
Emil Spears (District 2)
Bill Wrisinger (Economic Development Corporation)
Upcoming action steps for the sub-committees include meetings to discuss strategies and activities to support city-wide communication efforts for the two bond issues. The campaign committee will convene regularly over the next six weeks leading up to the August 5 election. Citizens can expect to see additional communication from this bond campaign committee in the very near future.
Upcoming Council Discussions
Council Establishes Upcoming Priorities
Monday night's City Council meeting (June 16) produced a number of issues and pending initiatives for the City Council to consider, making a full agenda for the upcoming July 7 City Council meeting.

On Monday, City Council was introduced to the first draft of the City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), which is proposed by the City Administrator with input from citizens and City Council. Discussion also took place around the Woods Chapel Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Plan and the future of possible retail and infrastructure improvements along the Woods Chapel corridor.
Finally, Council reviewed recommendations for the adoption of the 2008-2009 proposed Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) action plan. The Council discussed funding mechanisms to support a minor home repair program, a feature of the proposed Property Maintenance Code. These discussion items revealed a need to delay any firm Council action until more discussion and analysis can take place.
Be sure to watch CTV-7 on Comcast Cable or attend the City Council meeting on July 7 to see how these items will transition into implementation for staff and the Council. Meetings can also be viewed via live web cast at  
City's Public Works Department Makes Headlines
City Recognized in MML Magazine
It is my pleasure to congratulate Blue Springs Public Works Director, Oliver DeGrate and the exceptional work of his Public Works staff. The Department was recently featured in the June 2008 issue of the Missouri Municipal League's Review magazine, for its work with Archer Engineers on the south area land annexation and water district expansion project.
The Missouri Municipal League is a statewide, not-for-profit association designed to strengthen Missouri cities through unity and cooperation. A special thank you is also due to Stan Christopher and staff of Archer Engineers for providing the content and photos for the article. Also mentioned in this month's issues is the launch of the new Blue Springs website. I'm excited to see that Blue Springs is doing great things, all of which continue to provide this great city with regional and state-wide recognition. 
Road Improvements
Continue on ADP
Also mentioned in last week's News Happenings newsletter was good news of progress in motion, as road improvements are in full swing along Adams Dairy Parkway. Motorists traveling along the ADP corridor on Thursday (June 19) noticed the closure of the northbound lanes between 40 Highway and R.D. Mize Road for curb replacement. The all-day closure allowed Public Works officials to replace the curb along the east side of Adams Dairy Parkway, posing minimal safety concerns for motorists and workers. I encourage all our citizens to continue looking to the City's website, and to the Parkway itself to learn more about the scheduled road improvements to come.
"Reflections" Public Art Dedication Ceremony
Mayor Ross Attends "Reflections" DedicationLast Wednesday (June 11) marked the official dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony for the "Reflections" temporary art exhibit at Vesper Hall and Rotary Park in Blue Springs. I, along with members of City Council were present for the dedication, which recognized various art pieces and the significant enhancements they bring to the quality of life in our community. Be sure to visit Rotary Park and Vesper Hall this summer to view all five public art pieces.
I hope you have found this issue of News Happenings Around Town to be both informative and timely for your City information needs. Is there anything we missed? Do you have questions about any of the articles from this issue? Share your thoughts with me and the City Council by calling City Hall at (816) 228-0110. Know that we truly value your time and support for our City and hope you join us for the next issue of News Happenings. 

Carson Ross, Mayor 
City of Blue Springs

Coming Around the Corner: 

Snapshots of Community Growth & Development

Grading at Adam's Dairy Landing


Site Work at Adams Dairy Landing

      Grading and site work is well underway at the Adams Dairy Landing Retail development site on Adams Dairy Parkway. It won't be long before moving dirt turns into foundation, bricks and mortar.

Community America Credit Union 
 Community America Credit Union
  Effective April 2008, Midwest United Credit Union is fully integrated with Community America Credit Union (CACU). This is the first full service Community America Credit Union bank establishment in Blue Springs. Other CACU locations include an in-store branch at the Blue Springs Hy-Vee on 40 Highway and an in-store branch at Wal-Mart on Coronado Drive.

  Blue Springs Assembly Church Construction Site
Construction is in progress for the new Blue Springs Assembly Church at Duncan Road in eastern Blue Springs. The church will be located directly across from the Kohl's Distribution Center.
The City of Blue Springs is a unique community where families, visitors and businesses share a special quality of life and an abundant spirit of community closeness and cooperation. 
Our number one goal is to ensure that our residents, visitors and patrons receive quality customer service and attention with every program and service the City provides. Just as you stand by a community that strives to meet your family's needs, we promise to do our best to meet these needs and anticipate what's best for you and our community, to the best of our ability.
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