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Featured Article
BSPD Citizen Police
Academy Graduates
2nd Class
written by Sgt. Allen Kintz
Citizens Police Academy 2009 Graduating Class (Click to enlarge)
On March 11, 2009 there was an air of excitement in the Multi-purpose room as a crowd began to gather at the Howard L. Brown Public Safety Building.  Sixteen individuals began the BSPD citizen police academy; nine weeks earlier, they had become a team about to enjoy graduation.
During the graduation event, each participant came to the front and spoke about the highlights and the funny moments through the class.
Highlights often included stories about firearms training, including the scenario simulation where class members had to decide "to shoot or not to shoot".  When asked why they shot an unarmed man in the simulation, one student stated "because he shouldn't have been running".  Finding out how difficult life or death situations are, even under safe simulation situations was a revelation to the graduates.
Students often mentioned the night when they conducted building searches and vehicle stops. Students were instructed in the reasons that officers conduct car stops and why they do things a particular way during those stops. 
They were then taken inside at Lucy Franklin Elementary, who had graciously allowed the use of their building, where the lights were turned out and students were given flashlights and taught how police officers properly search a building in the dark where suspects might be hiding. 
While conducting simulated searches, most expressed amazement at the stress level caused by this exercise, even knowing it was not real.  
Mayor Carson Ross and First Lady Eloise Ross demonstrated their support of the program by attending the entire academy, as did Councilman Lyle Shaver and Planning Commission member Jim May.
During each week of the academy, class members participated in hands-on training designed to help them understand how and why Officers do what they do, and to get input from citizens on how BSPD can best serve public needs. 
At first thought, participants were somewhat saddened to see the time come to an end.  However, the fact that in the audience were many members of the first graduating class highlighted the fact that the Blue Springs Police Department Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association has been formed to continue a long term relationship between the citizen graduates and the Blue Springs Police Department.  
Blue Springs Police Department Citizen Academy Class 3 is already in progress; if you are interested in participating in a future class, call Sergeant Allen Kintz at 816-228-0178 or send an e-mail to the police department at 
City of Blue SpringsNews Happenings
Around Town

A monthly message from your 
Blue Springs Mayor and
City Council
 Mayor Carson Ross
Hello and welcome to another informative edition of News Happenings Around Town, your one-stop source for City information and news updates, including those items most important to you.
As you look around the City, signs of a new season are all around us. Beautiful tulips in early bloom, green grass and lush park grounds and citizens walking - enjoying the fresh March air... all of which are signs that positive activity is taking place in our community.
Spring is a special season, as it tends to signify a time of rejuvenation, rebirth and innovation. In Blue Springs, the spring season means more than just a change in the weather, but it is also a reminder of our city's commitment to serve our citizens to the best of our ability, each and every day. As we continue to move forward in these next few months, I encourage citizens to be a part of the ongoing progress in our community by:
  • Joining some of the many crime prevention and neighborhood watch efforts of our Police Department
  • Getting involved with volunteer-based programs such as Adopt-a-Street, and
  • Exploring some of the City's quality of life amenities such as its parks and trails. 

As always, please continue sharing this timely publication and spreading the word about what's good and going on in the City of Blue Springs.

Community Crime Prevention Satellite Office Now Open
Villas at Autumn BendEarlier this month, the Police Department opened their second 
Community Crime Prevention satellite office at 1300 NW Candletree Drive in the Autumn Place complex, City Council District 2.  It will be open from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. every Tuesday.  It is the Department's goal to establish and maintain a presence in each of the three Council districts. 
Similar to the satellite facility at the Villas at Autumn Bend (Council District 3), we will have a 2-hour set time every week in which a full-time crime prevention officer and additional volunteer will be available to the public. These offices are designed to encourage interaction with area citizens, create more visibility, strengthen existing partnerships in neighborhoods, and enhance the ability to distribute crime prevention and crime-free information.
The location for satellite office is being graciously provided by the management of the apartment complex, along with the use of the clubhouse as needed for meetings or gatherings.  Autumn Place Apartments has been involved in the crime-free program for many years, having hosted our first crime-free class several years ago. The manager of the apartment complex is also a recent graduate of the Blue Springs Police Department's Citizen Police Academy.
Mayor and Citizens Get Marching!Come March with the Mayor, March 27!
On Friday, March 20, I was joined by more than 50 members of City staff, neighboring businesses and local citizens for a refreshing 30-minute walk through the streets of downtown Blue Springs. Our event, March with the Mayor, was the first of what I hope will become a regular community activity, one designed to get citizens up and moving - striding towards better health and fitness.
The event was coordinated by Assistant City Clerk Sheryl Morgan and was co-sponsored by the Blue Springs Employees' Biggest Loser Wellness Challenge and Blue Springs Families in Training (F.I.T.). Weather was great and spirits were high, what a great way to start the first day of Spring!
I encourage all of you to join me for our next March with the Mayor, this Friday, March 27 at Keystone Park, 2214 SW Keystone Drive. We expect several more to be in attendance at this Friday's event, as we have invited the student body at Daniel Young Elementary School. For more information, contact Sheryl Morgan at (816) 655-0495 or visit  
City Enhances Government Channel 7CTV 7
In order to broaden our level of communications outreach and public information, the City has recently reorganized the broadcasting schedule for Comcast Cable Channel 7 (CTV-7). 
We are now broadcasting the Jackson County Legislative meetings on Channel 7 three times a week, every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00am and 6:00pm each day. Adding these meetings to our viewing lineup provides an additional opportunity for citizens to keep informed about local and county issues.  Also, we are pleased that two Jackson County Legislators reside here in Blue Springs, Theresa Garza and Greg Grounds.  The meetings will air on days alternate to City Council and Planning Commission meetings, which will continue to air on Monday (live), Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
Additionally, with the upcoming season of inclement weather, the City will also be airing a 30-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) created by the Emergency Management Committee of Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) on weather preparedness.
Please contact
Merideth Parrish, City Public Information Officer at (816) 655-0497 for any additional questions you may have.
City Wins Distinguished Budget Presentation Award City recieves Distinguished Budget Award
It is with great pleasure that I report that the City of Blue Springs has recently been awarded the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the Fiscal Year beginning October 1, 2008. 
The award is presented by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).  A panel of independent reviewers completed an examination of the City's budget and evaluated it against a set of program criteria established by the GFOA.  The Distinguished Budget Award is the highest award in governmental budgeting and is given to those government units whose budgets adhere to program standards.  Congratulations to Christine Cates and other Finance staff who manage the annual budget process. 
Public Safety Committee Work to Blue Springs Police DepartmentConclude 
The Mayor's Public Safety Advisory Committee, Chaired by Emil Spears, is beginning to conclude their work and analysis of the Blue Springs Police Department.  The Committee has been conducting interviews, gathering information, and reviewing various budget, program, and policy issues since being created last September.  They have formulated several recommendations which have been presented to City Administrator, Eric Johnson and I for consideration and discussion.  The committee will continue to finalize its recommendations with staff and Council and make a formal report to the City Council sometime this summer.  
I hope you have found this issue of News Happenings Around Town to be both informative and timely for your City information needs. Is there anything we missed? Do you have questions about any of the articles from this issue? Share your thoughts with me and the City Council by calling City Hall at (816) 228-0110. Know that we truly value your time and support for our City and hope you join us for the next issue of News Happenings

Carson Ross, Mayor 
City of Blue Springs
The City of Blue Springs is a unique community where families, visitors and businesses share a special quality of life and an abundant spirit of community closeness and cooperation. 
Our number one goal is to ensure that our residents, visitors and patrons receive quality customer service and attention with every program and service the City provides. Just as you stand by a community that strives to meet your family's needs, we promise to do our best to meet these needs and anticipate what's best for you and our community, to the best of our ability.
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