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US 2010 Census
Municipal Election Filing
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Snow Removal Team Recognized
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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration 

Mayor Carson Ross

Mayor Carson Ross spoke at the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, held January 17th at First Christian Church.

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City of Blue SpringsNews Happenings
Around Town

A monthly message from your  Blue Springs Mayor and City Council
 Mayor Carson Ross

Hello and welcome to another informative edition of News Happenings Around Town, your one-stop source for City information and news updates, including those items most important to you.

At this time of year, many of us begin to get a bit of cabin fever and wish for an extended period of warmth.  In preparation for warmer days, I encourage you to take a look at all of the exciting Park and Recreation programming we have available to get outdoors or maybe just get out of the house. 
Opportunities abound to get active and involved, and I would also encourage anyone looking for a unique volunteer opportunity to consider participating in the "Wall that Heals" which is the traveling exhibition of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall which is coming to Blue Springs from September 30 to October 3, 2010. Resource, volunteer and contribution information about "The Wall That Heals" is available at
Also, click here:  Blue Springs Wall That Heals Video to view a short video clip about "The Wall That Heals."

In this issue, I also want to highlight the upcoming National 2010 Census  program which is critical to our growing City, highlight our upcoming City elections, and recognize the work of some outstanding citizens that were recently recognized by the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce.
As always, please continue sharing this timely publication and spreading the word about what's good and going on in the City of Blue Springs. 
 United States 2010 Census
Census 2010As you might have recently heard, Blue Springs is now the 10th largest City in the State of Missouri.  Our current population is estimated to be 55,698.  Getting a more accurate population count is very critical to helping us maintain that number and hopefully seeing that number grow. 

I would strongly encourage you to fill out the Census form, because your making a statement to the Federal government about what resources your community is eligible for and also to what degree we should be represented in the U.S House of Representatives.

When you receive your form, just answer the 10 short questions and then mail the form back in the postage-paid envelope provided. If you don't mail the form back, you may receive a visit from a census taker, who will ask you the questions from the form.

Accurate data reflecting changes in our community are crucial in deciding how more than $400 billion in Federal funding per year is allocated for projects like new infrastructure, schools, emergency services, hospitals, and senior services. That's more than $4 trillion over a 10-year period.

Key dates for the 2010 Census include:
·         March 2010 - Census forms are mailed or delivered to households
·         April - July 2010 - Census takers visit households that did not return a form by mail
·         December 2010 - By law, the Census Bureau delivers population information to the President

If you should have any questions regarding the US Census please take a look at
Municipal Election Filing
Vote!Filing for the April 6, 2010 Municipal Election closed on January 19.  Each District will have one Council seat up for election.  The candidates for each District are: 
                             District 1:
                             Dale Carter
                             James L. May
                             District 2:
                             Sissy Reed
                             Chris Lievsay
                             District 3:
                             Grant D. Bowerman
                             Michael Freeman
I would encourage everyone to get acquainted with all of the candidates listed above and exercise your right to vote on Tuesday April 6th.  I also want to personally thank all of the candidates and current Councilman for their interest in serving our City.
Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce Award Winners
Last Friday night, the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual banquet at the Adams Pointe Conference Center.  At the banquet, Bill Essmann was named the 2009 Blue Springs Outstanding Citizen of the Year.   Business Person of the Year was awarded to Brien Starner, President of the Blue Springs Economic Development Corporation.  McCamm Management (McDonald's), owned by Art Phillips, received the Business of the Year award, and the Chamber Connector of the Year was awarded to Deborah Weilbacher. 
Congratulations to all of the award winners, and thank you for your continued contributions in making Blue Springs a great place to live and work.
Bill Essman
Bill Essmann, Outstanding Citizen of the Year
Brien Starner
Brien Starner, Business Person of the Year
McCamm Management
McCamm Management, Business of the Year
 Deborah Weilbacher
Deborah Weilbacher, Chamber Connector of the Year
Recognition of City's Snow Removal TeamSnow Removal Team Recognized 

This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to recognize City personnel from the Streets, Water, Sewer, Parks, Fleet Maintenance and Engineering crews for the great work they performed over the Christmas holidays.   I have continued to receive a number of phone calls and emails from residents expressing their gratitude for a job well done by our snow removal team over December and January.  Our City crews do an outstanding job and it was my privilege to say "Thanks" to these individuals for keeping our streets clear and safe for travel.
Visit if you would like more information about the snow removal process and to view maps indicating how Blue Springs' streets are prioritized and cleared during the City's snow removal process.  If you have any questions regarding the plowing procedures, contact the Streets Division at (816) 228-0195.   

Snow Removal Team
I hope you have found this issue of News Happenings Around Town to be both informative and timely for your City information needs. Is there anything we missed? Do you have questions about any of the articles from this issue? Share your thoughts with me and the City Council by calling City Hall at (816) 228-0110. Know that we truly value your time and support for our City and hope you join us for the next issue of News Happenings
 Carson Ross
Carson Ross, Mayor
City of Blue Springs
The City of Blue Springs is a unique community where families, visitors and businesses share a special quality of life and an abundant spirit of community closeness and cooperation. 
Our number one goal is to ensure that our residents, visitors and patrons receive quality customer service and attention with every program and service the City provides. Just as you stand by a community that strives to meet your family's needs, we promise to do our best to meet these needs and anticipate what's best for you and our community, to the best of our ability.