Blue Springs, Missouri
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Signs and Signals
Sign Maintenance
Wayfinder sign
In order to maintain presentable signs in the City the Streets division has implemented a quarterly preventative maintenance and inspection process for all 3,594 City owned signs. The Missouri Department of Transportation maintains all signs and signals located on state highways 40 and 7.

In addition to maintaining signs in the City, the Streets division also maintains seven traffic signals located at:

·  Wood Chapel Road & Valley View Road
·   Duncan Road and Adams Dairy Parkway
·   Coronado Drive and Adams Dairy Parkway
·  R.D. Mize Road and Adams Dairy Parkway
·  AA Highway and Adams Dairy Parkway
·  Blue Springs South High School and Adams Dairy Parkway
·  One Flashing 4-Way Beacon (Main Street)
Coronado and Adams Dairy Place

·    Coronado and Adams Dairy Court

·  Coronado and Adams Dairy Landing










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