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Trails & Bike Paths

Park/Parkway Location Type           Miles
Adams Dairy Parkway Roanoke to Wyatt Road Bike/Walk 5.776
Moreland School Road Bike/Walk 0.669
Duncan Road (764 ft W of Saunders to 7 Hwy) Bike/Walk 1.399
Burrus Old Mill Park Bike/Walk 0.813
Grounds Park Bike/Walk 2.7
Keystone Park Bike/Walk 0.125
Pink Hill Park Bike/Walk 0.198
Rotary Park Bike/Walk 0.61
Ward Park Bike/Walk 1.087
Woods Chapel Park Bike/Walk 0.773

A trail around the lake at Grounds Park has been completed and is open to the public. It is approximately 1.5 miles long. It may be accessed from the parking lot on Duncan Road, or at the east end of the parking lot on Jefferson Street. It connects to Adams Dairy Parkway which creates up to a 5.0 mile loop depending on which route is used to return to the starting point.

Map of Grounds Park trail

Map of additional city wide trails. (pdf) 

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