Blue Springs, Missouri
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Public Art Commission
Eleanor Frasier
Re-Appointment: 5/09; 6/12
Term Expires: 4/15

Ramon Magee
Initial Appointment: 5/10; Re-appointment 6/12
Term Expires: 4/16

Greta Hoener
Initial Appointment: 6/12
Term Expires: 4/15

Carolyn Gordanier
Initial Appointment: 5/14
Term Expires 4/17

Kathe White
Initial Appointment: 6/13
Term Expires 5/16

Lawrence Randall
Initial Appointment: 5/09; Re-appointment 6/12
Term Expires: 4/15

Derek Lefholz
Initial Appointment: 6/12
Term Expires: 4/15

Dale Carter
Council Liaison

Dennis Dovel
Staff Liaison

  • Responsible for the acquisition, maintenance and display of art at sites within the city limits.
  • Comprised of seven member appointed by the Mayor with approval of the City Council to serve three year terms. Members should have knowledge in the various studies of the arts.
  • Established by Municipal Code Section 120.150

Meeting Schedule
Meetings of the Public Art Commission are held on the third Thursday of each month at 3:30 p.m. in the East Conference Room of City Hall.

Staff Representative
Dennis Dovel
Director, Parks and Recreation Department
(816) 228-0137

Kim Nakahodo
Communications Manager, City Communications
(816) 655-0497

Council Liaison
Grant Bowerman
District 3 Councilman
(816) 229-2726

"Evolve" Possible Site Locations

2012 Temporary Exhibit "Connecitons"

City of Blue Springs
903 West Main Street
Blue Springs, MO 64015

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