Blue Springs, Missouri
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Downtown Review Board
Mark Trosen
Planning Commission Liaison
Initial Appointment: 5/10
Term Expires: 4/15

Lynn Banks
Planning Commission Alternate Liaison
Initial Appointment: 5/10
Term Expires: 4/15

Business Owner
Initial Appointment:
Term Expires:

Cindy Miller
Property Owner
Initial Appointment: 4/13 & 5/14
Term Expires: 5/15

Yvonne Evans
Downtown Resident
Initial Appointment: 5/09; reappointed 5/11, 5/12, 5/13 & 5/14
Term Expires:5/15

Kent Edmondson
City Council Representative

Chris Lievsay
City Council Representative

Scott Allen
Community Development Director

Michael Peterman
Staff Liaison

Ben McCabe
City Engineer

  • This Board serves as the governing body for the Downtown Development Code enforcing building layout and the Downtown Zoning Map.
  • Composed of nine members and one alternate member; including:
    • Two members of Planning Commission
    • Two members of City Council
    • The Community Development Director
    • The City Engineer
    • A residential property owner
    • A business owner
    • A property owner who owns business property located in the T-Zones of the Downtown Zoning area
  • Members serve one-year terms
  • Established by Municipal Code Section 404.240, E of the Downtown Development Code.

Meeting Schedule
The Downtown Review Board meets on an as-needed basis, based upon the complete submission of applications.

Staff Representative
Michael Peterman
Principal Planner, Community Development Department
(816) 228-0142

City of Blue Springs
903 West Main Street
Blue Springs, MO 64015

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