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Future Construction
Phase II
Phase II earliest implementation would be in 2008 or 2009 unless funds are allocated before that date.

This includes development of the northeast corner, or all of the land east of the Red Oaks over to Kohl’s, with the exception of the amphitheater facility.

This includes:
  • Water & sewer lines
  • Parking Entry road with entrance sign
  • Practice ball fields
  • Soap box derby track
  • Skateboard court
  • Basketball court
  • Shelter house
  • Playground
  • Landscaping
  • Sidewalks

Phase III
Phase III earliest implementation would be 2009 or 2010 unless funds are allocated before that date.

This includes development of the waterfront area or the land south of Red Oaks.

It includes:
  • Park road
  • Parking lot
  • Sidewalks from parking to waterfront
  • Promenade feature with restroom and concession buildings
  • Installation of a wetlands educational trail section on the north end of the lake

All of these features would be connected to the lake trail system.

Phase IV
Phase IV earliest implementation would be 2010 or 2011 unless funds are allocated before that date.

This phase includes:
  • The development of an amphitheater with stage and building
  • A sloped seating area
  • Walks
  • Concession and restroom buildings at the entrance
  • Additional Parking

West of Red Oaks
  • The property to the west of the Red Oaks will be left mostly natural as it is today.
  • There will be one trail leading from the parking lot on Duncan Road to the north end of the lake and the wetland educational trail etc.
  • We have no plans to bring the public thru the Village of the Red Oaks to any of the park facilities or parking lots.
  • Our maintenance staff may use the two access points (one in the south and one in the west) for maintenance or initial construction access.
  • None of the ball fields or sports courts, or skateboard facility will be lighted.
  • Most of the parking lots will be lighted but not all.
  • This lighting will be low level and controlled so as not to be directed into the homes in the Red Oaks.
  • We will plant a live screen planting along the east side of the Red Oaks this fall, so it begins to grow in to provide future privacy from the park.

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