Blue Springs, Missouri
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How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent
The Finance Department is the steward of both the property tax and sales tax revenues collected by the City. These revenues are used to fund City services and run day to day operations of the City. 

Sales Tax
The 2013 City Sales Tax rate is 7.975 percent of gross sales. Sales tax revenues are used to support several taxing entities including the City, State and County, as well as several special interests. 

One percent of the all City Sales Tax revenues are used to finance City programs and services. City Sales Tax is the largest general government revenue source for the City.  In addition, one half of a percent of the sales tax revenues is allocated for the Transportation Sales Tax, which is used solely to finance transportation improvements, such as streets and another one half of a percent of the sales tax revenues is allocated for the Public Safety Sales Tax, which is used solely to finance Public Safety operations.

Taxes Percentages
City Sales Tax 1%
City Transportation Tax 0.5%
City Public Safety Sales Tax         0.5%
State 3%
County 0.5%
Stadium Sales Tax 0.375%
State (Proposition C)                    1%
Conservation 0.125%
Soil Conservation 0.1%
Drug Task Force 0.25%
Central Jackson County Fire Protection District (CJCFPD) 0.5%                                        
Kansas City Zoo Tax                                                          0.125%
Total 7.975%

Pie Chart of Revenue Distribution


Property Tax
The 2013 Property Tax rate is $8.8634 of every $100 of assessed property value. The City's portion of the $8.8634 is $0.7489. Of the $0.7489, $0.5759 goes to the General Fund for general government purposes and $.15 pays debt service on general obligation bonds in the General Obligation Bond Debt Service Fund.

Organization Dollar Amount 
City of Blue Springs




Board of Disabled Services


Metropolitan Community College


Mid-Continent Library


Mental Health


R-4 School District


Jackson County


Blind Pension


Total $8.8634

Pie Chart of Revenue Distribution


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