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Property Maintenance Code
Blue Springs Property Maintenance Code
At a meeting of the Blue Springs City Council on February 19, 2008 city staff, joined by Councilman Lyle Shaver and former Councilman Jeff Quibell presented recommendations for a new Property Maintenance Code (PMC) for adoption into the City's current code of ordinances.

At the March 17, 2008, City Council Meeting, the City Council voted to table the adoption of the PMC, as proposed, in order to investigate and review potential funding options for a Minor Home Repair Program (MHRP) or similar financial assistance for those residents unable to comply with the regualations under the new PMC on their own.

For additional information about the Property Maintenance Code, contact Codes Administration at (816) 220-4565.

Minor Home Repair Program (MHRP)
The PMC Discussion Group, including Councilman Shaver and Councilman Edmondson, visited with City of Lee’s Summit staff on May 20 to discuss the Lee's Summit MHRP. Shortly thereafter, the PMC Discussion Group reconvened to discuss the Lee’s Summit visit and recommended to the Mayor and City Council on June 16 that the City consider a one-year pilot MHRP utilizing non-CDBG funds.

PMC and MHRP Adopted
On August 4, 2008, the Mayor and City Council had the second and final reading of Ordinance No. 4176 , amending the Blue Springs Code of Ordinances by adding the new Property Maintenance requirements, including the one-year pilot MHRP. Both the PMC and the MHRP have an effective date of November 3, 2008.

Additional Information on the Blue Springs Minor Home Repair Program (MHRP)

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