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Enforcement of Unlawful Smoking
Enforcement of Unlawful Smoking
It is unlawful for any person to smoke in an area where smoking is prohibited. It is also unlawful for any employee, agent, manager or owner of a non-smoking establishment to
not notify any person smoking of the smoking restrictions that are lawfully applicable within that establishment.

Business owners are advised to observe the following protocols when enforcing the ordinance in
a non-smoking establishment:

  • Notify non-compliant individual(s) that smoking is prohibited within the establishment

  • Attempt to receive voluntary compliance on behalf of the individual(s) who have failed to comply with the ordinance

  • If the customer is being belligerent or threatens physical harm, contact the Blue Springs Police Department at (816) 228-0150 or 9-1-1

Questions & More Information
Should you have questions about the City of Blue Springs Smoking Ordinance, or would like to purchase smoking signage for your business after April 1, 2008, contact the Blue Springs     Administration Department at (816) 228-0110.
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