Blue Springs, Missouri
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Your Billing Statement
Benefits to You, Our Customers
The City of Blue Springs provides a number of benefits including:
  • a friendly statement that is easy to open, better organized and easy to read
  • a quality and reliable envelope seal system making it easy to return payments by mail
  • a convenient statement format for quicker payment processing by City billing staff
  • an inclusive statement designed to better communicate with customers - billing statements have the ability to include inserts regarding various news and event announcements related to the City.

Understanding your billing statement
Your billing statement includes:
  • convenient water consumption history graph
  • user friendly message box containing information related to water conservation tips, understanding your water usage, etc.
  • well-organized service address chart detailing total water consumption, meter readings, service dates and total amount due.

View a sample copy of the utility billing statement here.

Questions about your utility billing statement? Contact the Blue Springs Water Department at (816) 228-0134 or by emailing .

City of Blue Springs
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