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Preventing Automobile Theft
The Nature of Auto Theft
Don't be a victim of auto theft
Preventing automobile theft, and/or the theft of possessions inside, is the act of taking away the criminal’s ability and/or opportunity.

Why are so many things stolen from automobiles?
The incidence of stolen items from cars, vans, and trucks is on the rise nationally. The reason stealing is so prolific is that oftentimes, we make it much too easy for a thief to steal valuables and the automobiles themselves. Oftentimes, motorists leave vehicles unlocked, with possessions in plain view. Stolen items are typically sold for drugs, or just for the thrill of stealing.

An expensive and troublesome result from automobile theft is that your personal information, when stolen and used, is identity theft, which can damage your credit. When credit is stolen and damaged, it can become extremely difficult to do a number of things including write a personal check or apply for credit.

Thieves enter vehicles in a matter of seconds, and are often unseen. No one is going to be suspicious of someone who can open a car door without a key. Onlookers will often assume the unlocked vehicle belongs to the person they see entering it.

Prevention is Simple
You can prevent auto theft!
Remove your valuables
Leave them at home if you don’t need them. If you need them with you, either put them in the trunk, under the seat, or take them with you. Do this when you are sure you are not being watched.

Lock it or Lose It!
In a recent year, over $238,000 worth of belongings were stolen from vehicles in Blue Springs, and many of them were unlocked. Lock your car doors and close the windows.

Choose a well lit parking area, were there are other cars parked close by. Notify parking security if you see anything that looks suspicious. Stay alert when carrying packages to your vehicle to ensure you are not being followed or watched.

Commonly Stolen Property
Items that are often reported stolen to the Blue Springs Police Department include:

  • GPS units, both portable and fixed
  • iPods and PDA’s and accessories
  • Laptop computers
  • DVD/CD’s and players/screens
  • Brief cases
  • Money
  • Cameras
  • Garage door openers (which thieves can use to burglarize your home as well)
  • Radar detectors
  • Clothing
  • Sports attire/equipment
  • Seats
  • Anything of value

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