Blue Springs, Missouri
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Initiative Financial Details
Summary of Recommendation
The 1/2 cent dedicated Public Safety Sales Tax approved in April 2011 is estimated to raise 3 million dollars annually.  

How the annual funding is to be spent:

New Digital Radio System/Renovated Facilities 
(Annual Debt Service Payment)
Additional Personnel, Operating, and Equipment (On-Going Costs)
8% Reserve – Contingency (Debt Service and Operating)
Total Estimated Revenue Available for Proposed Expenditures

The City Council will issue a bond to make the proposed capital improvements.  A bond is debt issued against future funds generated by the Sales Tax.  With a dedicated sales tax, the total bonding capacity for projects over 20 years is $18,390,000.

The proposal includes an 8% reserve fund pay our commitments should revenue conditions fluxuate.

The initiative contains three separate components.  A breakdown of these components is listed by Equipment, Personnel and Facilities.


$7,200,000     P25 Digital Radio System/ Communications
2,000,000     Dispatch Center (Equipment Only)
$9,200,000     Total Proposed Equipment Expenditures
$100,000     Radio System Mainenance Fee
50,000     Patrol Cars
110,000     Digital In-Car Cameras
$260,000     Annual Proposed Equipment Maintenance Expenditures

This new digital communications system will:
  • Replace the 20+ year old radio system to comply with the unfunded 2013 FCC mandate
  • Provide officers with a system that allows them to communicate directly with area emergency responders 
  • Make radio coverage comprehensive City-wide.


7 New Patrol Officers
2 Street Crime Officers and 1 Assistant/Deputy Chief
4 Detention Staff
1 Animal Control Officer
1 Radio Specialist and 1 Evidence Property Custodian
Annual Operating Costs for Additional Personnel

This new personnel will:
  • Effect response times to emergency and non-emergency calls 
  • Provide more on-duty officers in neighborhoods and retail locations around the clock 
  • Provide more hours to animal control and evidence and property.


$8,200,000     Public Safety Building Renovation and Expansion
990,000     Capital Project Contingency
$9,190,000     Total Proposed Facility Expenditure
$125,000     Annual Increase in Building Operating Expense

This facilty renovation and expansion will:
  • Add space for detention, dispatch, evidence retention and a temporary animal control holding area.

City of Blue Springs
903 West Main Street
Blue Springs, MO 64015

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