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Arbor Walk
With the help of the Missouri Department of Conservation, Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) Grant, the Blue Springs Parks & Recreation Department has developed an Arbor Walk in Rotary Park at Railroad Lake. 

Through this grant 13 new trees have been planted and staff has identified 27 unique and common trees within the park.  This Arbor Walk contains 40 trees that have been marked with signs that identify their species, form, foliage, fruit and culture.

To see a map and list of trees in the Arbor Walk, click here.

To download a brochure about the Arbor Walk, click here.

Have you ever wondered how much a tree is worth?  You know that trees are great, but what if you could assign a dollar value to an individual tree? 

Price tags have been placed on the various trees and put up a map in the park that will allow people to find all the trees that will show the “Tree-Ching” value and benefits of our important urban forest.

To see a list of the trees participating in the 2011 Tree-Ching! event, click here.

Benefits of Trees

The following are some of the benefits research studies have shown that trees provide:

  • Trees reduce storm water control costs - 100 mature trees catch about 539,000 gallons of rain water per year.
  • Trees reduce energy costs - Home owners can save up to 56% of annual air conditioning costs from shade trees and up to 25% of winter heating costs from tree windbreaks.
  • Trees increase property value - Each large front yard tree adds about 1% to the resale value of a home. Large specimen trees can add 10% or more.
  • Trees improve air quality -100 mature trees remove about 53 tons of carbon dioxide and about 430 pounds of air pollutants per year.
  • Trees benefit commercial business - Shoppers shop more often and longer in well-landscaped business districts and are willing to pay more for parking and up to 12% more for goods and services.
  • Trees reduce stress - Views of tree-filled landscapes reduce the stress response of both body and mind.
  • Return on investment - Research studies show that for every dollar invested in trees, there is a three to seven dollar return!

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