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What is Tree-Ching?
Have you ever wondered how much a tree is worth?  You know that trees are great, but what if you could assign a dollar value to an individual tree? 

Staff will be evaluating various trees in Rotary Park using the National Tree Benefit Calculator  which uses each tree’s location, species and sizes to estimate the monetary benefit it provides each year by managing storm water, improving air quality, reducing CO2, increasing property value and reducing energy usage. 

Price tags will be placed on the various trees and put up a map in the park that will allow people to find all the trees that will show the “Tree-Ching” value and benefits of our important urban forest.

2011 Participating Trees

Bur Oak
Tree-Ching Bur Oak.jpg

Tree-Ching Cottonwood.jpg

Tree-Ching Hackberry.jpg

Kentucky Coffeetree
Tree-Ching Kentucky Coffeetree.jpg

Pin Oak
Tree-Ching Pin Oak 1-correct.jpg

Pin Oak
Tree-Ching Pin Oak 2-correct.jpg

Silver Maple
Tree-Ching Silver Maple 1.jpg

Silver Maple
Tree-Ching Silver Maple 2.jpg

Tree-Ching Sycamore.jpg

White Ash
Tree-Ching Ash 2.jpg

White Ash
Tree-Ching Ash 1.jpg

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