Sign Code Update 

On February 3, 2020, the Blue Springs City Council adopted a new Sign Code with the approval of Ordinance No. 4885. Over the last year, a Sign Code Task Force made up of businesses and community members, met to review the City’s Code of Ordinances regarding the regulation of signage in the City of Blue Springs. The Task Force was charged with updating the Sign Code to balance the current interests of businesses and residents of Blue Springs and to align the Code with recent changes to sign law due to state and federal court decisions.

The new Sign Code will be codified online, but is only available as a document at this time. If you have any questions about the new Sign Code, please stop by the Planning Department at 903 W Main Street, Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM. Otherwise, contact our Planner of the Day at 816.228.0207 or by e-mail.


The Mayor and City Council created the Sign Code Task Force on February 19, 2019 with the approval of Resolution No. 08-2019. The purpose of the Task Force was to provide direction to City staff’s efforts to update and improve the Sign Code. The Task Force met approximately once a month. The agenda for each meeting may be found at the City of Blue Springs Agenda Center.

Thank you to everyone who took the Sign Preference Surveys and everyone that played a role in the Sign Code Update process. The results from the surveys helped the Sign Code Task Force tremendously in re-writing the Sign Code and ensuring it aligns with the preferences of current businesses and residents.


1.      ASSESSMENT | February-June 2019 (COMPLETED)

2.      COMMUNITY INPUT | July-September 2019 (COMPLETED)

3.      DRAFTS & REVISIONS | October-December 2019 (COMPLETED)

4.      ADOPTION | January-February 2020 (COMPLETED)