Blue Springs Snow Removal Plan

PHase 0 - Pre-Treatment

When snow or ice is in the forecast, snow crews begin pre-treatment on all City-owned streets and roads in priority order. However, if rain is in the forecast prior to the snow or ice, the timing of any pre-treatment may be impacted since rainfall could wash away the pre-treatment.

Phase I - First Response

When winter weather arrives, the City of Blue Springs, the Public Works department executes an emergency winter storm plan to remove snow and ice accumulation from roadways in order for you to travel safely throughout the city. Initially, eight primary trucks with spreaders and plows begin clearing snow and ice from first, second, and third priority streets as identified on the snow removal map which can be viewed on the City’s website. 

Phase II - More Snow, More Resources

When a snowfall accumulation exceeds two (2) inches, seven additional residential trucks with plows are called in to join the primary trucks in keeping the main roads cleared. As the weather event tapers off the residential trucks break off and begin plowing one pass in each direction on residential roadways. The crews work around the clock until all roadways have received service.


Phase III - Heavy Snow

If snowfall accumulation exceeds four (4) inches, crews will continue plowing all roadways curb to curb. Crews will continue to work around the clock until all roadways have been cleared. During this phase, we ask for residents to remove vehicles from all streets in an effort to assist our crews in doing the best job possible.

Additional Information

For more information or if you have any questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or to find out what phase of operations the crew is currently in, please call the Snow Removal Hotline at 816-228-0295. The snow removal route maps are available for viewing if you would like to see how the streets are prioritized in your area. For specific questions, please submit an online request or call 816-228-0195