Land Bank of Blue Springs


Missouri Land Bank Legislation

Missouri Land Bank Legislation, which became effective August 28, 2012, authorized any municipality located within a county that had a land trust operating on January 1, 2012, to create a land bank agency. That legislation also provided that any property owned by the county’s land trust would be transferred to the newly created land bank agency as soon as possible after its formation. 

On March 4, 2013, the City of Blue Springs passed Ordinance No. 4429 creating the Land Bank of Blue Springs. Properties in Blue Springs held by the Jackson County Land Trust due to non-payment of back taxes were transferred to the Land Bank of Blue Springs. All properties sold for back taxes where the bid was not sufficient to pay the judgment are transferred to the Land Bank rather than the Jackson County Land Trust. 

Land Bank Purpose

The purpose of the Land Bank of Blue Springs is to return non-revenue-generating and non-tax-producing land to usefulness. The land bank agency is composed of a Board of Commissioners consisting of 5 members, all of whom are residents of Blue Springs. Three commissioners are appointed by the Mayor of Blue Springs, one commissioner is appointed by Jackson County, and the other commissioner is appointed by the School District.

Property Information

For parcel details and maps, please see the Property Information page. For an interactive map of all the current properties, please use the Land Bank Viewer.

Board Members Appointed Term Expires
Jim Fairbanks - County Appointment 2018 2022
Eric Johnson - Chairman 2018 2022
Kirk Sampson - Treasurer, School District Appointment 2018 2022
Jim May - Vice Chair 2019 2023
Tracy White-Baldridge 2020 2024