Charter Review Commission


The Charter Review Commission is comprised of nine community leaders from diverse backgrounds appointed by the Mayor and City Council to study, appraise, and evaluate the City of Blue Springs Home Rule City Charter. 

Blue Springs Home Rule Charter

The City of Blue Springs Home Rule Charter, much like the U.S. Constitution, contains the rules which describe how the City functions, organizes itself, and makes the decisions that affect residents' daily lives. The Charter sets parameters for what laws and rules may be adopted by City Council, what kind of services the public receives, and how tax dollars are collected and spent.

The Charter Review Commission will be meeting over the next several months and a report including their recommended Charter changes will be presented to the Mayor and City Council. Charter changes recommended by the Commission and accepted by the City Council are required to be put to a vote by Blue Springs residents at a future election.
View the Blue Springs Home Rule City Charter (PDF).


Meeting of the Charter Review Commission shall be held at the call of the Chairman, and at such other times as the Charter Review Commission may determine.

Additional Information

Residents are encouraged to share input and suggestions to with Commission. To do so, residents are encouraged to attend the meetings, or share their thoughts via email to the Charter Review Commission

 2018 Charter Review Commission Members
 DISTRICT 1: Jeanie Lauer (Co-Chair)
  Kelli Montgomery             
  Bryan Pratt (Co-Chair)
 DISTRICT 2: Maureen Johnson
  Becky Nace
  James Wallace
 DISTRICT 3: Jason Bonney
  Kynette Campbell
  Traci Via