Development Advisory Commission


The Development Advisory Commission is responsible for fostering pro-active communication between the City and the building community on proposed development regulation changes.

Established by Municipal Code Section 120.270


Meetings of the Development Advisory Commission are held on an as needed basis at the determination of the Chairman.


The committee is comprised of five members: one member of the Planning Commission, two representatives of the building industry who work in the City of Blue Springs, two residents of Blue Springs, one member of the City Council, the Public Works Director, and Community Development Director. Members other than City Staff and the City Councilman serve a three-year term. Commission is chaired by the Planning Commission Representative.
Board Members
Term Expires
Mitchell Peil, Chair 2020 2021
Orion Berridge, Vice Chair 2020 2021
Orion Berridge 2018 2021
Bob Frost 2018 2021
Mitchell Peil - Planning Commission Rep. 2020 2021
Bruce Reynolds 2018 2021
Christopher White 2018 2021