Historic Preservation Commission


The Historic Preservation Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and City Council, the Planning Commission and the Zoning Administrator. The Board protects and enhances the City's architectural cultural, and social history, safeguarding that heritage and promotes the use of historic districts or landmarks as educational and cultural resources for the City.

Established by Municipal Code Section 402.050.


Meetings of Historic Preservation Commission are held on the second Wednesday of each month on an as-needed basis.


The Commission is comprised of nine members, seven of the members are appointed by the Mayor with support of the City Council. All members should have demonstrated an interest and knowledge of history, architecture or preservation. In addition, every effort is made to appoint members with the following additional qualifications although the absence of a member with such qualifications shall not invalidate any action taken by the Commission:

a.  One member who is an architect who has professional experience in restoration or historic preservation.
b.  One member who is a member of the Blue Springs Historical Society.
c.  One member who is a property owner in an existing or proposed Historic District or Conservation District.
d.  One member who is a merchant in an existing or proposed Historic District or Conservation District.

The remaining two members are representatives of the Planning Commission and City Council. Members serve a four-year term.

Board Members
Term Expires
Frances Hose, Chairman 2019 2020
Pam Albarelli, Vice Chairman 2019 2020
Ryan Cider 2019 2022
Ken Billups, Jr., Planning Comm. Rep. 2018 2020
Kay Burrus 2016 2020
Mary Potter 2016 2020
Chris Birkenmaier 2017 2021
Riley Burrus Sr. 2017 2021
Frances Hose 2017 2021
Pam Albarelli 2018 2022