Downtown Facade Improvement Program

The Downtown Facade Improvement Program (DFIP) provides dollar-for-dollar matching grants on a competitive basis to commercial properties located within the core of Downtown Blue Springs.  

To apply, projects must meet the program guidelines, complete the necessary application, sign the program agreement, and provide the following items: 
  • A written scope of work, and/or detailed architectural drawings, explaining the work expected to be completed in conjunction with Downtown Facade Rehabilitation Program project.
  • Note: The DFIP is funded with federal Community Development Block Grant Funds and therefore requires compliance with federal historic preservation standards. All applicants are encouraged to consult the City’s Community Development Department, prior to establishing a scope of work in order to insure compliance with preservation standards. 
  • Representative photographs of the property proposed for rehabilitation.
  • A detailed budget or cost estimate for the proposed scope of work, including the dollar amount being requested from the DFIP.
  • A detailed explanation of the total private investment that would be leveraged by the DFIP project, including documentation of secured financing (ie. letter of credit, loan approval, certification of cash on hand), or documentation (ie. paid receipts) of capital improvement expenditures already incurred in the last three years, where applicable.
  • Description of existing business(s) or evidence of new tenant commitments (ie. letter of intent to lease), to be operated out of the building proposed for rehabilitation. This description should include:
    • Details of hours and days of operation and primary service being provided.
    • Where applicable, copy of current business license.
    • An explanation of all space to remain vacant or utilized for storage including approximate square footage, location within the building footprint, and reason for vacancy.
    • Expected time frame for completion of proposed rehabilitation work including, where applicable, the anticipated date of business opening.
    • The information provided was evaluated by City Staff to determine completeness, and completed applications were then presented to the Downtown Review Board for determination of a funding recommendation. The recommendation of the Board served as the basis for DFIP grant awards. Projects not selected for funding were invited to reapply at the next available funding opportunity.
    If you have questions or concerns, please contact Matt Wright, Assistant Director, Community Development at 816-228-0207 or