Park Commission


The Park Commission is responsible for guiding the operations and growth of the Parks and Recreation Department and makes recommendations on the acquisition of land to be used for park sites and on the supervision, improvement, care and custody of City Parks to the Mayor and City Council.

Established by Municipal Code Section 120.010

On April 18, 2022 the City Council adopted Rules of Procedure for each of the City's Boards and Commissions.  The Rules of Procedure for the Park Commission can be viewed here. Rules of Procedure Boards with Standing Meetings


Meetings of the Park Commission are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.


The Park Commission is comprised of nine members who serve three-year terms. Members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Members must be residents of Blue Springs; best efforts will be made to appoint equal representation from each Council District.

Annual Reports

Board Members
Keith Hannaman, Chair 2023 2024
Jon Burke, Vice Chair 2022 2023
Nicholas Brummel
2022 2024
Jon Burke
2021 2024
Almitra Buzan
2022 2025
Debbie Canfield 2023 2026
Ken Horrell 2022 2025
Keith Hannaman 2023 2026
Tara Johnson 2023 2026
Tony Lopez
2022 2025
Gabriel Mejia 2022 2024