TIF Commission


The TIF Commission is responsible for conducting hearings and processing the TIF Plan Application in accordance with requirements of TIF Statutes. The Commission also approves or denies the TIF Plan, and if approved designates the developer.

Established pursuant of Missouri Revised Statutes Section 99.820.2


Meetings of the TIF Commission are held on an as needed basis dependent upon project applications.


The committee is comprised of 11 members: six mayoral appointments, two representatives from the Blue Springs School District, one representative from CJC Fire Protection District, one representative from Jackson County, and one representative from Jackson County Water District. Members' terms coincide with the length of time a redevelopment project, plan or designation of a development area that is considered for approval by the Commission.
Board Members
Term Expires
Charles W. Kleinhagen, Chairman 2019 2020
Olivia Smith 2021 2022
Bonnie Hutchcroft 2018 2022
Charles W. Kleinhagen 2018 2022
Steve Schmitz 2018 2022
Lyle Shaver 2018 2022
David Witt 2018 2022
Kirk Sampson - Blue Springs School District    
Bryan Dennie - Blue Springs School District    
Chief Jeff Grote - CJCFPD    
Caleb Clifford - Jackson County    
Vacant - Jackson County Alternate    
Brian Gaddie - Jackson County Water District    
Vacant - Jackson County Water District Alternate