Reduce Your Risk: Smart Consumer Tips

Whether your home repair is due to a natural disaster or you just need an update, it’s important to take certain precautions when hiring a contractor. Certain contractors are required to have a City business license. To see if the contractor has a current Blue Springs business license, call (816) 228-0131.  You can also check the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce's Business Directory to see if they are an established business here in Blue Springs.

Do Your Research. Before hiring a contractor, ask your friends or family for recommendations. Get written bids from three or more contractors and do a close comparison of what work is included and what building permits or materials will be required. Remember, the lowest bid is not always the best bid.

Be Informed. Contact the Missouri Attorney General’s Office at (800) 392-8222 or click here to see if other consumers expressed concern about a particular contractor. You can also file a review, good or bad, by clicking here.

Get Everything In Writing. After selecting a contractor, insist on a written agreement that clearly states the work to be done, when the work will be done and the final cost. The contract should outline payment schedules and require your satisfaction before final payment. You should also consider if the contractor requires lien waivers and ensure that material suppliers and sub-contractors have been paid before issuing the final payment.

Door-To-Door Home Repair. Be wary of door-to-door repair offers. They may state that they “Just happen to be in your neighborhood.” or “Can see from the street that you need a new roof.”  Typically, these offers turn out to be scams that result in inadequate work by unlicensed contractors – leaving you as consumers with little recourse when you are unhappy with the results.

If you experience a problem you cannot resolve with your contractor, file a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General’s Consumer Complaint Unit at (800) 392-8222.