Water Utility

The Water Utility division operates and maintains the City's water towers, storage tanks, pump stations and water mains in order to provide a safe water supply to its customers.

The City of Blue Springs purchases water from the City of Kansas City, Missouri, the City of Independence, Missouri and from Tri-County Water Authority.

The benefit of having three sources allows the City to maintain a constant source of clean water. In a situation where one of our providers could temporarily not deliver water, the City can increase supply from the other two providers.

Account Holder's Responsibilities
It is the account holder's responsibility to maintain open access to the water meter. If a Water Services Technician encounters an obstruction to the meter, a letter will be sent to the account holder requesting that the obstruction be removed. Obstructions will often result in the account holder receiving an estimated bill. Failure to remove an obstruction may result in discontinuation of service. Please make sure your meter well lid is properly set on the base ring to prevent trip hazards.

City Responsibilities
City responsibilities are limited to those things it controls, owns or maintains. Since the City does not control, own or maintain the elements of the customer's home/business plumbing system, it cannot be held responsible for failures to this system.

  • Water service problems from the water main to the water meter are usually the responsiblity of the City.
  • Water service problems between the water meter and the customer's home/business or within the customer's home/business, are the customer's responsibility.
  • After Hours Emergency: Call the Police Non-emergency number at (816) 228-0150 to notify city utilities.