Remnants Restored

Permanent Public Art

The Blue Springs Public Art Commission partnered with Downtown Alive! to commission two permanent public art pieces for the downtown corridor. This is part of the ‘Remnants Restored’ Public Art Project, celebrating our City’s history by incorporating recovered material from Downtown Blue Springs’ past. The two artists chosen, Jake Balcom and Scot Furgason, were selected out of more than 100 submissions to create site-specific pieces that incorporate remains from historic Blue Springs landmarks.

Downtown Alive! is currently fundraising for these two unique pieces that will be installed and dedicated this fall. To contact Downtown Alive! about donations, click here.

life force.jpg

'Life Force' by Scot Furgason

Santa Fe, New Mexico artist Scot Furgason featured  recovered steel from the downtown water tower that was removed in 2014 as part of the Howard L. Brown Renovation and Expansion project. “My concept for this design is to honor the history of the recovered metal and create a balance between past and present,” said Furgason. “This allows the history evident in the material to come forward. My steel kinetic sculpture will explore different levels of physical interaction by physically balancing the past and present.”

This piece is located in Central Park.


'Dandeblome' by Jake Balcom

Kansas City, Missouri artist Jake Balcom featured recovered aluminum paneling from the America’s Community Bank Historic Renovation project. “My concept for this project is a large, three dimensional sculpture that celebrates rebirth and growth from the metal paneling that was ‘shed’ as part of the bank renovation process. This piece is a tall sculpture ‘growing out of the ground’ that includes large spherical blooms radiating at the top, similar to abstract flower blooms or fireworks made from the upcycled aluminum remnants.”

The piece can be seen on the corner of Main and NW 10th Street.